Do You Really Need a Realtor?

Thinking of either buying or selling a house or investment property?  You might wonder: Do I really need a realtor?

The answer is NO.  But here is why you should hire a realtor.

Things to consider if you are:

Buying a home and choosing to represent yourself:

  • Only 91% of houses for sale are listed on a database for the public*.  Your agent has professional relationships that will benefit you as the buyer.
  • In the curent market, there is more to negotiate on than the price of the purchase: Terms of the purchase, the condition of the property,  and the property inspection.
  • As a buyer, you are not paying a professional fee to your agent. 

Selling a home?  You want to save the professional fees, we get it.  If you choose to represent yourself:

  • Only 11% of those who choose to sell their own home are successful*
  • Homes offered by owners sell for an average of 26% less than if listed with an agent.*   
  • The houses are not often priced correctly either and do not sell as quickly. 
  • An agent will market the house for you, utilize their connections, navigate the tougher items like inspection, the terms of the sale, and price negotiation and net you more, above the professional fees. 

If you are in the market to purchase a home for the best price or to make a profit on a property you are selling, you should consider a realtor.  Contact us


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