How do I Choose the Right Builder?

You have been toying with the idea for months, if not years: you are going to build your next house.  It is possible you have every nook and cranny mapped out in the house.  You can envision yourself whipping up an evening of entertainment for friends in your new chef's kitchen, enjoying a glass of oakey red by the fire, overlooking the snowy mountainside, or slowly waking up to the aroma of your fresh brewed coffee while you gaze at the sunrise over the morning surf.  Bliss!

We know building a house is an undertaking, but your biggest decision to keep your sanity during the process and thoroughly loving the end result is to hire the right builder. 

We have five recommendations to make this process easier:

1. Ask a trusted realtor to connect you with a reputable builder. Chances are, realtors are aware of the builder's work and process. 

2. The demand for new construction is high, you should be willing to wait for up to one year before moving into the finished home.   You can also look at existing new construction with your realtor to see if there are options on the market where you can customize the build. 

3. Ask builders you are interviewing to see examples of homes in every stage of building.

4. Be flexible with where you want to build.  You may not find the right land in exactly the location you hoped.  It is helpful to have other options in mind when you start looking. 

5. Be willing to consider an already existing house rather than new construction.  You may find your dream home or one that you can mold into it.

With communication between you and your builder, a dose of patience, and a healthy sense of humor, your home building adventure will be a success.

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